What's New in 2021 ๐ŸŽ‰

See what's new in Ayrshare.

June 2021 ๐Ÿถ

  • Webhooks are now available for Enterprise plan clients. Get notifications when scheduled posts are published, users link or unlink social network accounts, and new RSS articles are published. Learn more in the docs.

  • Analytics enhanced with Instagram and Facebook insights. For Facebook, get counts of unique impressions, engaged users, and unique clicks. For Instagram, get counts of engagements, impressions, reach, and saved posts. Learn more in the docs.

  • A new History endpoint call to get the history for a specific post ID. Learn more in the docs.

  • We have improved the account monitoring for your Twitter accounts. Get notifications and API call responses that explain that your account was locked or suspended by Twitter.

  • New Comments API endpoint. Retrieve comments and create new comments for Facebook and Instagram posts. Learn more in the docs.

  • Ayrshare Business clients can now manage the following for their usersโ€™ profiles:

    • Customize the social account linkage page title

    • The Done button wording and link on the social linkage page

    • Set which social networks are available on the social linkage page

  • When creating a new profile, you receive back the display name or handle the user has set at the social network.

  • When posting, you receive back the public URL to the post on the social network.

  • Updated the Ayrshare Social Media API Bubble plugin to support scheduling future posts and sending videos to YouTube. Learn more in the tutorial article.

May 2021 ๐Ÿฑ

  • Promote your Tweet as an ad to increase its reach and help it find a bigger audience. Ayrshare now allows you to easily promote a Tweet with a single API call. You can promote a Tweet when you create it or any time after. To add Promoted Tweets to your account, log in to the Ayrshare dashboard and enable it on the Social Accounts page. Learn more in the docs.

  • Upload videos to Instagram and Telegram.

  • See the Status Page for a real-time check on the status of the Ayrshare services. Access it at status.ayrshare.com.

  • Business plan users can generate the single-sign-on URL via the API. Learn more in the docs.

  • In the developer dashboard, you can set your Tax ID under account info.

  • New Airtable integration guide. Learn more in the docs.

  • Updated code examples in Node.js, PHP, C#, and Python.

April 2021 ๐Ÿญ

  • TikTok integration is now available to Premium Plan users as early access, meaning it is still under active development. Posting to TikTok requires the Ayrshare iOS mobile app. Learn more in the docs.

  • CSV bulk upload of posts is now available. Learn more in the docs.

  • Post images to Telegram.

  • Add user and locations tags to Instagram posts. Learn more in the docs.

  • New API endpoint to auto-schedule your posts. Set up an auto-post schedule by providing times to send. Post will automatically be sent at the next available time. If no more times are available today, the first available time tomorrow will be used, and so on. Learn more in the docs.

  • Ayrshare paid users can now access billing information directly from the web dashboard.

March 2021 ๐Ÿน

  • You can now post to Instagram via the Ayrshare API. After a detailed review process, Ayrshare has been approved by Instagram for direct posting. Learn more in our article.

  • Auto repost is now available via the Post endpoint. Automatically repost n times every x days. Learn more in the docs.

  • Support for Facebook carousel. Learn more in our tutorial article.

  • Get Analytics for your posts and videos on Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube. Learn more in the docs.

February 2021 ๐Ÿฐ

  • You can now post videos to YouTube via the Ayrshare API. Learn more in the article.

  • New verification system to make sure your social network accounts stay in good standing. Learn more in the docs.

  • Updated the โ€œsocial-post-apiโ€ Node.js NPM and Python PyPI packages to support YouTube video posting. You can find it on NPM and PyPi.

January 2021 ๐ŸฆŠ

  • Released the Ayrshare Social Media API Bubble plugin. Post to your social media accounts with the Bubble no-code platform.

  • Connect and post to Reddit and Telegram.