How to post to TikTok via Ayrshare

The TikTok integration is now available to Premium Plan users as early access, meaning it is still under active development. Please reach out to [email protected] with feedback on how we can continue to improve the TikTok integration.

Install The Ayrshare Mobile App

The first step is to install the Ayrshare mobile app from the iOS App Store. After you send the video via the Ayrshare API or web interface, the final steps are taken via the mobile app. TikTok does not allow direct posting of content via an API.

Make sure you have installed and are logged in to the TikTok app on your phone.

Select the Video

In the app, you can see the pending videos. These videos have been sent to Ayrshare and are ready to be posted to TikTok.

Click the button 'Share to TikTok' for the video you want to post.

The Ayrshare app will run a check to ensure that the video file is compatible with TikTok.

MOV and MP4 video files can be posted to TikTok.

Share via the TikTok App

Then the video will be downloaded to the device and the photo gallery app will launch allowing you to select the video. You can select the video and then share it in the TikTok app via the phone share sheet.

Remember that the video is downloaded and saved to your device. You can delete it from your photo gallery or keep it for posting to other apps.

After you log into the Ayrshare app, TikTok will be shown as activated in the Ayrshare dashboard.

TikTok linked

Click the TikTok icon to unlink TikTok.

If you want to re-link TikTok, simply log out of the Ayrshare app and log in once more. You will then see TikTok re-linked in the Ayrshare dashboard.