Options for posting via the API to LinkedIn

LinkedIn API Endpoint


JSON for a basic post with a link and image to LinkedIn:
"post": "The best LinkedIn post ever #best",
"mediaUrls": [""],
"platforms": ["linkedin"]
  • LinkedIn will automatically preview the link in the post unless there is an image or video included. In the above example the image will show. Removing the image will cause the link preview to show.
  • Hashtags are clickable in LinkedIn.
  • If your video doesn't end in a known video extension such as mp4, please use the isVideo parameter. See the /post endpoint for details.
You must be a "Super Admin" to connect a LinkedIn company page. If you don't see your Company Page when linking, please verify you are a Super Admin for that Page.

Media Captions

Set a caption for a LinkedIn media video posted.
Accepts an Array of string caption text. Each Array must correspond to a media url. E.g. ["This is my best pic", "😃 here is the next one"] refers to the 1st and 2nd urls in mediaUrls.
"linkedInOptions": {
"mediaCaptions": ["This is my best video"]
Note, while you can set captions for images, only video captions are displayed on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Auth Refresh

LinkedIn must be reauthorized every year via the Social Accounts page.
  • An email and webhook social action notification will be sent 10 days in advance of authorization expiration.
  • The refresh required date and remaining days can be retrieved from the /user endpoint.
  • The user will see on their social account linkage page an alert and a refresh button 30 days prior to expiration.
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