Manage Multiple User Profiles

There are two ways to create and manage multiple account profiles for your organization, users, clients, or brands - via the Dashboard or API.

Using the Dashboard

If your Ayrshare account is entitled to manage multiple profiles, then you will see the option for User Profiles in the left hand navigation.

If your account does not have the option to manage profiles, then contact your Ayrshare representative or to upgrade.

Create a New Profile

Click the Add Profile button and enter your User Profile Title.

Switch to the New Profile

You will see the new Profile show up in the Active Profiles section. You can now click on the switch to this profile link to switch to that profile

When you switch to a new profile, you will see that profile name show in the top right of the screen.

You can always switch back to your primary account profile by clicking the switch profile link next to the Primary Profile listed.

From here you are acting as your client/brand and can post on their behalf by going the the Post section.

Get the Profile Key

The Profile Key is used to post on behalf of the profile with the API. Switch to the a profile and go to Profile Key page to get that profile's Key. Be sure to include your API_KEY and PROFILE_KEY in the header.

You also receive the Profile Key when you create a new User Profile using the /profiles/profile endpoint.

Invite a Team Member

You can create users profiles for members of your team. Team Members have an Ayrshare account with full access/admin rights to the dashboard and count as a new user profile.

When creating a User Profile check the "Create a team member profiles with admin rights" box and enter their email address.

An email is sent to the team member's email address with a link to activate their account.

Inviting New Team Members

You can only invited team members who have not yet been registered with Ayrshare. If you want to use an already registered email, please have the user login to the dashboard, go to the Account page, and click the Delete button.

Team Members Contacting Support

For security, only registered team members may contact support on behalf of a business. We will not be able to assist if they are not registered and verified as a team member of your business.

Reactivate a Suspended User Profile

If a user profile is suspended due to a violation at the social networks, e.g. Facebook deemed the content abusive you may reactivate the user profile by clicking the "Suspended" button and accepting the compliance certification.

For a user profile's first suspension, the user profile can be instantly reinstated once you accept the compliance certification. However, for subsequent suspensions, the user profile will be reinstated 48 hours after accepting the compliance certification.

We recommend you do not use your Primary Profile as a regular User Profile. If the Primary Profile is suspend all user profiles are suspended.

Permission Settings

In the User Profiles page select "⚙️ Settings" button to access global settings for your profiles. Switch to your Primary Profile to access the settings.

Primary Profile Lock

Prevent access to the Primary Profile from user and team member profiles. Activate the Primary Profile lock if you want to prevent team members or user profiles from accessing Profile Settings or the Account/Billing page.

When activated team member and user profiles will not be able to switch to the Primary Profile, but may switch to other team member or user profiles.

Update Logo on Social Linking Page

Add your own logo to the social linking page.

Set Social Networks Access

Remove or grant your users/profiles access to the available social networks. By default all networks are active and available.

Note: Permissions are global across all your user profiles. Disabling only removes the network from your user's Social Accounts view and does not remove established links.

See here for more information on disabling social networks at the User Profile level.

Display Page Location

On the social linking page, if a Meta (Facebook or Instagram) or Google Business Profile Page has a location associated with it, display that location information along with the Page name. This additional location context is helpful in scenarios where there are multiple Pages with identical names, as it allows users to differentiate between them more easily.

The Page location, if available, will be displayed below the Page name in the social linking page:

Enable or disable visibility of the links to the Ayrshare help docs on your users' social linkage page. You can also use your own by entering a URL to your publicly available docs.

Alternative Emails for Alerts

Choose different email addresses to deliver alerts, such as unlinked accounts.

Further customization, such as the title can be done via the /profiles endpoint.

Custom Modals

Customize the modals on the social linking page. Replace the modals' body - Facebook Groups, Instagram, and Telegram - with your own HTML. The HTML may include text or images.

The modals have the following text and images as default:

  • The HTML must be enclosed in <div> tags.

  • Add custom CSS to add color and/or underlining to anchor links.

For example, to add the standard blue text with and underline for an anchor link:

        span.underline { 
            color: blue; 
            text-decoration: underline; 
        span.underline a { 
            color: blue; 
            text-decoration: none; 
    <span class='underline'>
        Everyone agrees that
        <a target="_blank" href="">Ayrshare Rocks!</a>

Using the API

Create and Manage Profiles

You can create, delete, and manage your profiles via the API using the /profiles endpoints. Please see below for details.


Get the Profile Key

The Profile Key is returned when you create a new profile via the API using the /profile endpoint. If you need to get the profile key again, go to the Dashboard to retrieve. See above.

Max Pack Customization

In the Ayrshare Dashboard page User Profile -> Setting, you can customize aspects of the social linking page. Please see the Max Pack for details on the capabilities and features.

Customize CSS

Use your own CSS file to customize the look and feel of the social accounts page: color, fonts, hide features, change buttons, and more.

Change Page Title, Close Button, and Favicon

Set your own page title, close button, and favicon.

Advance Options

Automatically Resync Facebook and Instagram Pages

If a security event occurs at Facebook, such as the user changed their password, all Facebook pages under that Facebook user account, including Pages linked to Instagram accounts, need to be relinked with Ayrshare. This can be cumbersome if you are managing a Facebook account with numerous connected pages.

Auto resync is an option when connecting a Facebook or Instagram page. By checking the "Resync" checkbox all previously connected page linkings will be reconnected to the user profile used. If a page has not yet been linked it will not be reconnected.

The Facebook account should have no more than 400 pages. If there are over 400 pages, please move the overage to a different Facebook account.

Recommendation: Only check the "Resync" checkbox if you need to resync all Facebook or Instagram pages. For typical workflows this should not be used.

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