Create and Manage Multiple Account Profiles

There are two ways to create and manage multiple account profiles for your organization, users, clients, or brands - via the Dashboard or API.

Using the Dashboard

If your Ayrshare account is entitled to manage multiple profiles, then you will see the option for Manage Profiles in the left hand navigation.

If your account does not have the option to manage profiles, then contact your Ayrshare representative or [email protected] to upgrade.

Create a New Profile

Enter a new Profile name, and click the Add Profile button.

Switch to the New Profile

You will see the new Profile show up in the Active Profiles section. You can now click on the switch profile link to switch to that profile

When you switch to a new profile, you will see that profile name show in the top right of the screen in the orange rectangle.

You can always switch back to your primary account profile by clicking the switch profile link next to the Primary Profile listed.

From here you are acting as your client/brand and can post on their behalf by going the the Post section.

Get the Profile Key

The Profile Key is used to post on behalf of the profile with the API. Switch to the a profile and go to Profile Dashboard to get that profile's Key. Be sure to include your API_KEY in the header.

Using the API

Create and Manage Profiles

You can create, delete, and manage your profiles via the API using the /profiles endpoints. Please see below for details.

Get the Profile Key

The Profile Key is returned when you create a new profile via the API using the /create-profile endpoint. If you need to get the profile key again, go to the Dashboard to retrieve. See above.