Max Pack

The Max Pack offers additional social media API endpoints and features to power your platform. This is a paid add-on.

Max Pack API Features

The Max Pack provides additional endpoints and other useful utilities for building your app or platform. Please contact support if you are interested in adding these capabilities your subscription.
The Max Pack includes all of the following powerful capabilities. Details on each are below:
Learn more about the Max Pack and how to level up your social media marketing.

AI Generated Posts

Multiple AI capabilities including text generation, test rewriting, video transcription, and more.
A JWT timeout longer than the default 5 minutes allows you to email the link to your users instead of them having to go to your app or platform.
Use the Ayrshare link shortener to condense long URLs, and get analytics and tracking data. You can even add your own custom domain.

Resize Images and Add Effects

The resize endpoint allows you to choose a social network compatible image size, add watermarks, change backgrounds, and more.

Generate Alt Text for Images

Create AI-generated alt text for your images. Choose the language to write the alt text and keywords to include in the alt text.

Create Images Based on a Template

Automatically generate social media image assets based on pre-defined templates.

Staging Server

Setup a staging server environment for your testing and release process.
A staging server has all the capabilities and characteristics of your production environment. You can create User Profiles and connect their social networks, register new webhooks, and make API calls. Please note these are still live social network accounts. Your staging environment is meant for internal use, so please don’t use it with clients, users, or in a production capacity.
Business Plan Required.


Business Plan Required.
  • Custom CSS
Use your own CSS file to customize the look and feel of the social accounts page: color, fonts, hide features, and more.
Provide us with either a URL (recommended) or a file. Also available on staging.
  • Favicon and Page Title
Set your own favicon and page title on the social account linking page. Please provide a URL to the favicon and contact support with your title text.
  • Social Linkage All Done Button
You can set the text of the "All Done" button on the social linkage page.
  • Footer
Set your own footer text, such as copyright with your company name on the social linkage page. Provide either text or HTML. You can include links to your site if you wish.