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Test with Postman

Test your REST API calls with Postman

Postman for Ayrshare

Postman is a great tool to test HTTP API endpoint calls. We recommend first using Postman to more easily diagnose issue.
Click the "Run in Postman" button to fork a version in Postman for the web:
Run in Postman
After forking you can also download Postman for free and use locally.
Be sure to set your Authorization: Bearer API_Key value in the header.
Also, set the environment variable of {{APIKey}} with your API_KEY.

Test with Random Text and Images

We also recommend you test with random text and images so your accounts are not locked by the social networks.

Auto Generate API Code with Postman

You can even automatically generate code directly from Postman in most programming languages - Node.js, PHP, Python, C#, and more. See the video for details on how to use Postman and generate code.
Auto Generate Code in Postman
Last modified 10mo ago