Test with Postman
Test your REST API calls with Postman

Postman for Ayrshare

You can use Postman to test your REST API calls.
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    ​Download Postman for free and use the below Ayrshare Postman Config file. Please unzip the file and change the .txt extension to .json before importing into Postman.
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    ​Import the Ayrshare Postman Config file into Postman.
Postman Ayrshare Config File
or fork for a version in Postman for the web:
Be sure to set your Authorization: Bearer API_Key value in the header.
Also, set the environment variable of {{APIKey}} with your API_KEY.

Auto Generate API Code with Postman

You can even automatically generate code directly from Postman in most programming languages - Node.js, PHP, Python, etc.
Auto Generate Code in Postman
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Auto Generate API Code with Postman