Instagram Linking
Posting Images and Videos to Instagram via the Ayrshare API.

Link Instagram

Only Instagram Business accounts connected to a Facebook Company Page are supported. Instagram does not yet support Personal Facebook accounts, Creator Studio accounts, and publishing to IGTV.
See below for details.
Instagram authenticates through Facebook, so when you click the Instagram icon on the Social Accounts page, a Facebook sign-in will pop-up - please be sure you allow pop-ups.
Instagram Login via Facebook
Follow the instructions and select both an Facebook Page and an Instagram account to link.

Previously Linked Facebook/Instagram

If you have already connected Ayrshare with Facebook, see the following instructions.
    Click Edit Settings.
    Check all the Instagram Business Accounts. Click Next
    Check all Facebook Pages. Click Next.
    Turn all permissions to Yes. Click Done.
You will then be asked to select a specific Instagram account to link with Ayrshare. Once selected your link will be complete and you can start posting to Instgram.

Enabling an Instagram Business Account

Instagram requires that your account be an Instagram Business account be linked to Facebook Page, but don't worry, it is free and easy to setup. Please see below.
If you don't have a Facebook Page, you can set up one.
Your Instagram account is required to be a Business Profile and connected to your a Facebook Page. This is required by Instagram for posting images and videos.
If you already have a Facebook Page, continue on. Otherwise, create a new Facebook Page by logging into Facebook and going to the Facebook Page Creation.
Enabling Instagram Business is easy and free. Simply open up the Instagram mobile app:
    Go to your profile and tap
    in the upper right corner.
    Tap the cog ⚙️ Setting.
    Tap Account.
    Tap Switch to Professional Account at the bottom of the screen. If not there, it might be on the previous page.
    Tap Business (not Creator).
    Select a Facebook Page to connect.
    Enter business info or skip and tap Done.
If you already have an Instagram Business account, your can connect your Facebook Page to Instagram by going to the Facebook Page you manage -> Page Settings -> Instagram. If it isn't connected your can click the "Connect" button on that page.

Enable Instagram Walk-Through

    Step 1: In the Instagram Mobile App, click your image (profile) and tap
    in the upper right corner. Tap Settings in the pop-up.
Step 1
    Step 2: Tap Account
Step 2
    Step 3: Tap Switch to Professional Account
Step 3
    Step 4: Choose a Category
Step 4
    Step 5: Choose Business
Step 5
    Step 6: Choose a Facebook Page. This will not show if you do not have any Facebook Pages. You can skip and create a Page later on. Please see below
Step 6
    Step 7: Done - You're all setup with an Instagram Business Account. You can head back to Ayrshare and link to Instagram.
Step 7: All Done

Connect a Facebook Page to Instagram

If you already have an Instagram Business Account and want to connect a Facebook Page, see detailed instructions.
Or if you want to create a new Facebook Page.
You can check if you have an Instagram Account linked with your Facebook Page:
    Log into Facebook and going to your Facebook Page as an Admin.
    Under Manage Page click "Settings".
    Under Page Settings click "Instagram".
The top title will say "Connected Instagram Account" if one is connected. Otherwise you will be able to connect one.
Connect Instagram to Facebook

Additional Information

Instagram has very strict requirements on image sizes. Images must have a width of at least 1080 pixels with an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5.
Ayrshare will detect if your image size is not correct and respond with an error.
For more information on recommended image sized, please see:
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