Connect Social Media Accounts

How to connect your social media accounts in Ayrshare

Linking a Social Media Account

Connecting your social media accounts is easy with a few clicks.
On the Social Account linkage page, just click or tap the social network you want to connect. You will then be prompted to authorize access to Ayrshare via a pop-up.
Please accept all authorizations to properly complete to linkage. Also, please allow pop-ups in your browser.
Once the social networks has been authorized, you'll see your account logo (if available) and the card color will change to green, indicating your link is active.
Connect social accounts
Click the YouTube icon to link
Just tap on the linked (green) social network and you will be prompted to unlink the account.
Posts that have already been sent to the network will be unaffected. However, future scheduled post and new posts will not be sent until the link to the network has been re-established.

Additional Help

Choose a Page or Brand

  • A few of the social networks will ask you to choose an account or brand. For example, if you have multiple Facebook Pages, you will be given a choice of which Page to link.
  • If the wrong Twitter account is linked, try going to Twitter in a different browser tab, switching to the account you want to enable, unlink Twitter, and re-linking Twitter again.
  • Instagram account is required to be a Business Profile and connected to your Facebook Page. This is required by Instagram for posting images and videos.
  • Enabling Instagram Business is easy. Simply open up Instagram, click the cog "⚙️ Setting" under your Account, and select "Switch to Business Profile".
  • Instructions how to add your Instagram account to your Facebook page: Connect Instagram to Facebook.
  • You can also check if you've connected your Facebook Page to Instagram by going to the Facebook Page you manage -> Page Settings -> Instagram. If it isn't connected your can click the "Connect" button on that page.
Please see here for a guide on Telegram