The low-code platform Retool is an excellent way to build a social scheduler for your internal users.

How to Build a Social Media Scheduler in Retool

Retool is a very powerful internal no-code builder used extensively by companies such as Amazon, DoorDash, and Lyft. With Retool, you can build building amazing workflows, such as posting to automatically posting to social media, and it is easy to get started in a few minutes. We use Retool extensively ourselves.

In this walk-through video we will show how an agency or a marketing team can build their own social media management system using Retool without the need to touch code.

The final social app will let you enter in the post text, add an image, select which social networks you want to target including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and then send the post and get a response that the post succeeded.

Follow this video tutorial to build your own social media posting app using the leading social media API and the leading internal tools builder.

Build A Twitter Analytics App in Retool

This video is a tutorial which shows how you can build a Twitter Analytics app in Retool. Retool is one of the most powerful tools for building apps with little or no code needed.

In this video we explain how to do the following:

  1. Create the HTTP Rest API call to get historical Tweets from Twitter.

  2. Create a listview with the historical Tweets, including the post body, timestamp of creation, and a link to the Tweet on

  3. Pull in analytics metrics including the count of likes, impressions, retweets, replies, profile clicks, and link clicks.

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