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Node.js NPM

Javascript based Node.js NPM Package for Ayrshare

Overview of Node JS Social Media Module

Install the Social API NPM Package if you use Node.js on the server-side. The package simplifies the calls by wrapping the RESTful calls.
Obtain your secret API Key at www.ayrshare.com


npm i social-post-api

General Usage

Examples of Post, History, and Delete:
const SocialPost = require("social-post-api");
const API_KEY = "API KEY"; // get an API Key at ayrshare.com
const social = new SocialPost(API_KEY);
const run = async () => {
/** post */
const post = await social.post({
post: "One more time",
platforms: ["twitter", "facebook", "linkedin"],
profileKey: "DJKJDK-SKDJKDJF" // used with a User Profile
/** history */
const history = await social.history().catch(console.error);
/** delete */
const deletePost = await social.delete({ id: post.id }).catch(console.error);

Video Overview of the Social Media API NPM Package

Post to Social Media via an API

Profile Key

You may specify the Profile Key for User Profile in the body of a POST or query of a GET with the profileKey field.

More Information and Documentation

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