How to use the Bubble Ayrshare plugin to post to your social media accounts via Bubble.io

Quick Start: The Bubble Ayrshare Plugin

The simplest way to get started is with Ayrshare's Bubble.io Plugin. Check out the video tutorial for a quick start within your app:

First create an account at ayrshare.com. Then connect your social media accounts.

Once your accounts are connected you can navigate to the API Dashboard and copy your API key.

Remember that when you past in your API key in your Bubble app, to include the word "Bearer" in front of your API key.

For example:

Bearer bf55cc6f-76ac-46ce-b497-439d766f6c12

Add the Ayrshare plugin via the Bubble plugin marketplace to your Bubble app. In the plugin field "API Key" enter your API Key.

Now you can send posts via your Bubble app to your social media accounts. Learn more about the fields for the post endpoint in the link below.

The Bubble API Connector Plugin

Alternatively, you can use the Bubble API Connector Plugin to access the full power of the Ayrshare API. Here is a video which will get you started using the Bubble API connector with Ayrshare and walks you through how to post multiple images per post.