Options for posting via the API to TikTok

TikTok API Endpoint


TikTok does asynchronous processing of videos. They require that after uploading the video your user open their mobile TikTok app to finalize the processing.
Please see details on the TikTok process:

TikTok Video Post

JSON for a basic post with a video to TikTok:
"post": "The best TikTok video ever #best",
"mediaUrls": [""],
"platforms": ["tiktok"]
Please note, the post field is required, but not currently supported by TikTok. The user must manually enter in the description within the TikTok app.
The response will have the id field set to "pending". After the user completes the processing the mobile app, the id field will be updated with the TikTok video ID. The idShare is used for internal referencing the video is awaiting final processing.
Example JSON post:
"status": "success",
"errors": [],
"postIds": [
"status": "success",
"idShare": "video.7088122496758679353.nzLqBWbf",
"id": "pending",
"platform": "tiktok"
"id": "lb42orDhySAZmLWtj6b6",
"refId": "23a9da9e0df1184a7a6a1fc2c60b8023aa9a32a1",
"post": "The best TikTok video ever #best"
If an error occurs, such as TikTok was unable to process the video, the id field will be set to "failed" and the errors field will contain the error details.
  • The video must end in a known video extension such as mp4. Please either reverse proxy the URL, add on a vanity URL with a CDN, or use the /media endpoint.
  • The status of the TikTok post can be retrieved with the history endpoint:
  • When the user publishes the video in the TikTok mobile app, a "scheduled" webhook will be sent with the subAction: "tikTokPublished"
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