RSS, Substack, and YouTube Feeds

Automate posting with any RSS feed such as Wordpress, Substack, NY Times, or your own. You can even add an YouTube Channel Feed to automate your new video posts.

Automate Posting with RSS Feeds

You are able to subscribe to any RSS feed, including Wordpress, Substack, or YouTube, and Ayrshare will automatically post all new articles and entries. New entries are checked for every 10 minutes.

Posts are sent to your connected social accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram.

Instagram is sent if a valid image that meets the dimension requirements is found in the article.

  • The RSS feed is checked approximately every 10 minutes for a new post. After adding your RSS feed, it might take up to 15 minutes to see your first post.

  • Please also be sure the RSS feed is responsive. The data must return within 5 seconds to be processed. If it takes longer than 5 seconds to download your RSS feed, the feed will not be processed.

Add an RSS Feed

Start by adding your RSS feed in the "RSS Feed" section of the dashboard. Find the RSS URL of your site by either Googling or adding /rss or /feed to the end of the URL.

Be sure the URL begins with http:// or https://

Substack RSS Example

For example, get your Substack RSS feed by taking your Substack base URL and adding "feed" at the end. Base URL + /feed:

You will see the text display of the Substack RSS feed if successful.

Wordpress RSS Example

You can find your Wordpress RSS feed by trying the following URLs with your root domain being

  • Root domain:

  • Subdomain:

  • Folder:

Auto Hashtags

Select this option to automatically add up to three hashtags to the post based on relevant keywords. Automatically generate hashtags for posts based on the most relevant keywords. Takes into account real-time hashtag popularity.

Use First Image

Select this option to extract the first or top image from the article and automatically add it to the post. For example, if a first image is found and you have connected Instagram, the image will be shared on Instagram with the article's text summary.

Active RSS Feeds

Once add the RSS feed you will see it listed in the Active section.

Delete an RSS Feed

You can delete the feed by clicking on the red trashcan or see the main site by clicking on the URL.

Using the API

You can add and delete RSS feeds with the API. Please see the endpoint.


Add a YouTube Feed

Ayrshare also allows you to integrate with YouTube channel to automated posting. In the dashboard click on "YouTube Channels".

Next, go to YouTube and select a channel. Copy the channel URL. For example:

In the dashboard, paste this URL into the "Add a YouTube Channel".

Click Add YouTube and the YouTube Channel feed will be added. New YouTube videos posted to this channel will automatically post to your active social networks.

Issues Finding Your YouTube Channel

The YouTube URL to your channel is often times a vanity URL and not your real channel ID. For example, is a vanity URL, while the real channel URL is

If you have issues adding your YouTube feed, try the following steps:

  • Find by clicking your profile icon in the upper right corner at and clicking Your Channel. The URL should change to followed by a number.

  • Copy this full URL and try adding it as your YouTube RSS feed.

If you still have trouble:

Find Your RSS Feed

Use our search tool to find your RSS feed:

pageFind an RSS Feed URL


See our RSS feed endpoint for using the API to set and delete RSS feeds:


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