TikTok Linking (legacy)

Posting videos to TikTok via the Ayrshare API

You can post videos to TikTok via the API. Posting, scheduling posts, and analytics are supported by TikTok. Delete is not yet available.

Legacy workflow for indirect publishing, which requires the TikTok mobile app. Ayrshare now offers direct TikTok publishing, which no longer requires the TikTok app. See here for more info.

Connect TikTok

Start by linking your TikTok account in the Ayrshare Dashboard. If you're already logged into TikTok on the web, the currently logged in account will be used to connect.

Click the TikTok icon and follow the instruction. Please be sure to accept all permissions.

Please be sure you have a verified TikTok account, including verifying your email during TikTok's sign up process. Failure to do so will prevent video from being uploaded.

Post a TikTok Video

Post a video using either the Dashboard or API, with the platforms: ["tiktok"] parameter. The post body parameter can contain any value since it is not used for TikTok. TikTok does not yet support caption posting, so the caption must be manually entered during video editing. Please see next step.

pageCreate a Post

Open Your TikTok Mobile App

After posting the video, open your TikTok mobile app to complete the submission.

Be sure you are logged into the same TikTok account you used to publish the video.

Click the "Inbox" tab at the bottom of your screen to see a message saying your video was sent to TikTok. Open the message.

You should soon see a new message saying either your video is being processed or that your video is ready. When you video is fully ready, click the message to edit and post your video.

Follow the instructions to edit and add captions to your video.

Find out more how to use the TikTok API.

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