List of Ayrshare's SDKs and integration guides.

Ayrshare SDKs and Integration Guides

SDKs, packages, modules, etc can help facilitate integration with Ayrshare. These wrappers hide the mechanics of the REST API calls.

Airtable Guide

Use an automation script to post to social media directly from Ayrshare:


Bubble IO Plugin and Guides

Either use the Bubble.io Ayrshare plugin or follow a guide for integrating using the API Connector:


Make (Integromat) Guide

Post to your social networks from no-code tool Make:

pageMake (Integromat)

Node.js NPM Package

A wrapper of the REST API calls for a Node backend:

pageNode.js NPM

Notion Guide

Post to your social accounts from Notion:


Python PyPi Package

A wrapper of the REST API calls for a Python backend:

pagePython PyPI


Build a social media scheduler with no-code builder Retool:


If there is a package or guide you are looking for, please contact us.

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