Upcoming API Changes

Changes to the API potentially breaking

Changes with the API

Please see What's New for new features.

Changes in Effect April 22, 2024

  • Meta will be deprecating their Facebook Groups API. Please see the announcement.

Changes in Effect April 16, 2024

Instagram has clarified the time period of the online followers data set. Please see here for details.

Changes in Effect April 1, 2024

  • Reply to comment with comment ID default response will be an object as listed in the docs instead of an Array. You may use the objResponse parameter set to boolean false if wish to keep an Array response.

Changes in Effect January 25, 2024

Changes in Effect December 8, 2023

  • The /history/instagram endpoint fields caption, message, createdTime and timestamp fields were deprecated on April 1, 2023 and will be removed. Please use the post and created fields.

  • The /history/linkedin endpoint field mediaUrls will be returned as an array instead of an object to support multiple images. You can force the array being returned now by including the LinkedIn query parameter ?multiMedia=true. Please note, before December 1, 2023 the multiMedia query parameter must be used to return media with multiple images. After December 1, 2023 multiple images will be returned by default.

  • The Scheduled Action TikTok webhook will have the String platform deprecated. Please use the platforms array field as is done for other Scheduled Action webhooks.

  • The delete comment docs have been corrected to align with the correct return.

    • The TikTok commentId field will be replaced with the id field to align with the standard comment delete format.

    • The Twitter delete comment return will no longer contain a posts array so the return aligns with the standard comment delete format. The new return will be as follows:

      "twitter": {
              "action": "delete",
              "status": "success",
              "id": "Ugy2m5u-LS9M29Gn3hd4AaABAg"

Changes in Effect October 18, 2023

The following social analytics endpoint YouTube fields will be returned as numeric instead of String values.




Changes in Effect May 30, 2023

We have upgrade to Twitter's new API version 2. Twitter has deprecated a few fields in Version 2, which affects the /analytics/social and getAllHistory endpoints. These following fields will still be returned until September 1, 2023, but will have a zero or empty string value.

Deprecated Fields:

bannerImageUrl: "", 
favoritesCount: 0,
friendsCount: 0, 
likedCount: 0

Changes in Effect May 8, 2023

We're excited to launch TikTok direct publishing, comment management, and advanced analytics. Your users will no longer need to open their TikTok mobile app to post and enter caption text. Now after sending via Ayrshare, the TikTok video and caption is directly published.

We're also introducing adding, getting, and deleting TikTok comments + demographic analytics data.

Your user will need to unlink and relink their TikTok account to enable direct publishing. Existing connections will continue with the indirect method and require the TikTok mobile app to publish.

Changes in Effect February 17, 2023


  • Google Business Profile has changed the available social analytics data available. The new fields available are the following. Previous fields will still be present, but with a zero value and fully removed on March 17, 2003.

            "businessBookings": 0,
            "businessConversations": 0,
            "businessDirectionRequests": 328,
            "businessFoodOrders": 0,
            "businessImpressionsDesktopMaps": 153,
            "businessImpressionsDesktopSearch": 9675,
            "businessImpressionsMobileMaps": 65,
            "businessImpressionsMobileSearch": 2070,
            "callClicks": 2,
            "websiteClicks": 134

Changes in Effect October 1, 2022


  • Get All Posts descriptions, text, message fields standardized to post field.

Changes in Effect September 12, 2022


  • TikTok fields deprecated: shareUrl. Use postUrl instead.


  • TikTok fields deprecated: shareUrl. Use postUrl instead.

  • TikTok social field deprecated: userName. User username instead.

  • Instagram social analytics impressions, reach, and website clicks increased from 30-days to 180-days total.

Changes in Effect June 17, 2022


  • For all history endpoints the fields createdAt, createdTime, and timestamp will be replaced with the created field which returns the creation time in UTC format.

  • The scheduleDate field will no longer return an Object by a String containing the schedule time in UTC format.

  • The undocumented created_date field on /history will be removed. Use created instead.

Please see the endpoints for the comments in the response.

Changes in Effect April 22, 2022


Analytics on a Facebook post returns reactions as an object in the following format.

"reactions": {
   "like": 1,         // Like reactions
   "love": 1          // Love reactions
   "anger": 1,        // Anger reactions
   "haha": 1,         // Haha reactions
   "wow": 1,          // Wow reactions
   "sorry": 1,        // Sorry reactions
   "total": 6         // Total number of reactions

This aligns with the new data set returned in the Social Analytics for Facebook.

Changes in Effect April 1, 2022


History by default will return the last 20 posts. Up to 500 can be returned with the lastRecords parameter.

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