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Ayrshare System Status

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Status: Closed
Date: 12/08/2023
Instagram is experiencing issues processing videos. Instagram (Meta) has been informed and are looking at the issue. We will update once there is more information.
Update: Instagram can now process videos again. However, the processing of videos by Instagram is significantly slower. Videos that previously took 30 seconds to process not take upwards of 2 1/2 minutes. If you experience a time out with a Bad Gateway response, please see here: https://docs.ayrshare.com/additional-info/troubleshooting#response-500-internal-error

Status: Closed
Date: 11/10/2023
Facebook/Meta currently has an issue processing Instagram video posts. We are monitoring the issue with Facebook and will update once they resolve the issue.
Update: Instagram Reels do not have an issue with posting at Facebook. We recommend for the time being to send Instagram video posts as Reels until Facebook addressed the issue.
Update: We have defaulted video posting to Reels since Instagram plans to default new posts to Reels. This will allow you to continue posting videos to Instagram. We will monitor if Facebook fixes the current issue with regular video.

Status: Closed
Date: 10/27/2023
LinkedIn had an issue with their 2 factor authentication rollout that might have caused unlinking for connected accounts. As LinkedIn stated:
If you have enabled LinkedIn’s two-step verification feature, you will need to re-authenticate with LinkedIn in our platform to continue to access your LinkedIn data.
If you receive an API response, webhook, or email that your user's LinkedIn connection is not longer valid, please have them reconnect via the social account linking page.

Status: Closed
Date: 10/18/2023
Facebook is currently experiencing an outage which is impacting the ability to post. This is affecting facebook.com and the API. Updates will be posted to the status page.
Update: Facebook seems to have resolved the posting issue for both facebook.com and the API.

Status: Closed
Date: 9/13/2023
Meta/Facebook is experiencing an issue with their API returning Facebook Pages. This results in some users seeing zero pages available when trying to connect either Facebook or Instagram.
This has been reported to the Facebook API team and they are investigating.
Update: Meta has been working on the issue. We are still awaiting a fix.
Update: It appears the issue is on Facebook accounts in Business Manager. Those not in Business manager are note affected.
Update: The issue of some users not being able to retrieve Facebook Pages (for Facebook and Instagram linking) is currently affecting thousands of Facebook partners. It appears the issue only occurs on Pages controlled by Facebook Business Manager. We are continuing to work with Facebook on resolving the issue as soon as possible.
We appreciate your patience and will keep you updated.
Update: Meta has provided the following update: "We are aware that this endpoint is still not working even if you have the correct permission, the product team is still working on fixing the issue."
This is in reference to the issue of Pages not being available for Pages in Business Manager. We will keep you updated on the latest from Meta.
Update: The retrieval of Facebook Pages business managed appear to have been fixed by Meta. While Meta has not officially stated they have corrected the issue, we are no longer seeing issues. If you still have issues, please let us know.

Status: Closed
Date: 8/31/2023
Instagram's API again has issues with retrieving comments. This has been reported to Instagram (Meta) and they are investigating.
Update: The issue is global for all Instagram API users. We are waiting for a fix from Instagram.
Update: Instagram has resolved their API issue and comment retrieval is now working correctly.

Status: Closed
Date: 8/24/2013
Instagram's API has an issue returning comments on some posts. We are investigating and will update once resolved.
Update: We have implemented a work around the Instagram API issue. Instagram comments are now being returned.

Status: Closed
Date: 7/24/2023
We have reports of API server issues and are investigating. We will update shortly.
Update: One of our load-balance servers had an issue, which caused API requests to fail. We have corrected the issue and API stability has been restored.

Status: Closed
Date: 7/11/2023
LinkedIn is experiencing issues publishing posts and getting analytics. We have informed LinkedIn and will update the status.
Update: LinkedIn has resolved their API issue and you may now resume posting and getting analytics via Ayrshare.

Status: Closed
Date: 6/7/2023
The app.ayrshare.com dashboard and the account linking page are currently experiencing intermittent downtime. We are working on a fix.
Update: We have identified that one of our service providers, Cloudflare, is currently experiencing degraded performance of their CDN.
Update: The CDN issue causing the degraded performance was addressed. The dashboard and account linking pages are fully operational.

Status: Closed
Date: 6/16/2023
Facebook is not returning all Pages when trying to link. Facebook has acknowledged this issue and is working on a fix.
Update: Facebook had a brief global outage for posting. This has been revolved, but returning all the Pages is still pending.
Update: It has been determined the latest version of the Facebook Graph API is the issue. We have reverted to a previous version and you should no longer have an issue.

Status: Closed
Date: 6/16/2023
Twitter is experiencing an increased number of network timeouts if uploading media. We are working with the Twitter team on the issue. If you experience a post failure, please try your post once more.
Update: We have increased the number of automatic retries and the issue is mitigated.

Status: Closed
Date: 5/6/2023
Facebook pages connected with an Instagram account are not showing as a choice when linking with Facebook or Instagram. The issue has been reported to Facebook and we are monitoring the situation.
Update: Facebook has acknowledge this as global outage with their API and the endpoints associated with gathering pages. Their engineering team is working on a fix.
Update 2: Facebook has resolved the issue.
Status: Closed
Date: 5/4/2023
LinkedIn's API currently has stability issues. Linking your LinkedIn account with Ayrshare might fail or show zero company pages. We are working with LinkedIn on the issue. In the meantime, please try connecting again if you have a failure.
If you experience posting or getting analytics issues, please try the post or get once more.
Update: While LinkedIn continues to have network issue, but we have mostly mitigated the issue with numerous retries. Please let us know if you have other issues.
Status: Closed
Date: 3/28/2023
Instagram is taking a significant amount of time to process videos. This may cause a timeout with your API request. If you do receive a Bad Gateway 502 or 504, please see here.
Update: Instagram's video processing time has recovered. If you still have issue please see the link above.
Status: Closed
Date: 2/16/2023
Issue: LinkedIn has issue processing over 6.2MB video files. We are working with the LinkedIn team to resolve.
Update: The issue has been resolved and now up to 200 MB videos can be posted.
Status: Closed
Date: 1/31/2023
Issue: LinkedIn is having technical issues causing access to company pages to be removed. This might affect your posting and getting analytics via Ayrshare.
Update: LinkedIn has resolved the issue.
Status: Closed
Date: 1/4/2023
Issue: Facebook reactions are not available on the /analytics/social endpoint. This caused issues with getting analytics for some users.
Update: We've compensated for the Facebook issue and /analytics/social are now available with the last 6 months of reactions. If Facebook is not able to provide reactions it will not be included in the response.

Status: Closed

Date: 11/09/2022
Issue: Our hosting provider Google Cloud experienced an outage for 45 minutes which made linking new social account slow or not available.
Update: Google has restored service and users can link their social accounts.

Status: Closed

Date: 8/18/2022
Issue: Instagram has some issues posting videos and the problem seems to be on Instagram's side. We are currently investigating with Meta. Image posting is not affected.
Update: Meta has acknowledged the issue and are working on a fix.
Update: Meta has resolved the issue.

Status: Closed

Date: 7/10/2022
Issue: Some Instagram posts are failing. This has been reported to Facebook (Instagram) and is affecting several 3rd party platforms. Facebook is looking into the issue.
If you receive error code 258 this is likely the issue.
Update 7/13/22: The Facebook engineering team has been assigned to correct the issue.
Update 7/24/22: The Facebook Engineering team is still investigating, but we have implemented a work around that alleviates the issue. If you do experience a problem, please contact us for assistance.
Error with Facebook Link

Status: Closed

Date: 6/1/2022
Issue: Facebook is intermittently experiencing problems posting videos to Pages. The Facebook team is currently investigating.
Update: Facebook has resolved the issue.

Status: Closed

Date: 4/25/2022
Issue: TikTok's API is experiencing an outage, preventing new video uploads. We are monitoring the issue with TikTok.
Update: The issues has been resolved by TikTok

Status: Closed

Date: 3/31/2022
Issue: Instagram is having issues posting videos. You have have a timeout error when trying to send videos to Instagram.
The issue is affecting all Instagram API users and has been reported to Facebook. We are monitoring the situation and will update the page on the latest status.
Update 1: The Instagram team has resolved the issue with posting videos as of 4/1/2022, and no, not an April's Fool joke.

Status: Closed

Date: 3/14/2022
Issue: Instagram is having issues processing posts. At this time your Instagram posts with images or videos are likely to be unsuccessful.
We are working with Instagram on the issues and will update you with the latest information.
Update 1: Instagram seems to have resolved the issues and posts are now successful.

Status: Closed

Date: 2/5/2022
Issue: Some users are seeing failures when posting images to Instagram. Instagram is currently experiencing issues with their API, which is affecting many of their partners.
Update 1: Instagram has a major disruption and is working on the issue.
Update 2: The Instagram disruption has stabilized. If you continue to see issue posting, please let us know.

Status: Closed

Date: 1/31/2022
Update: 2/2/2022
Issue: We have experiencing intermittent issues posting with Twitter and are investigating the problem.
Update: The issue is resolved. If you're still having issues, please unlink and relink your Twitter connection.

Status: Closed

Date: 11/18/2021
Update: 12/17/2021
Issue: Instagram and Facebook are having issues processing images for some accounts. Only a few accounts are affected, but those that are have issue posting the media.
Facebook and Instagram were unable to process media from approximately 12:00 PM EST until 12:20 PM EST, and posts sent during this period were often failing.
A work-around was implemented to correct the issue with New Page Experience posting.
The issue has been reported to Facebook by several companies and they are investigating.
The issue may be due to Facebook's New Page Experience for users that upgraded. A temporary fix is switching back to the classic Page view:
  1. 1.
    Open your new page.
  2. 2.
    In the menu besides Edit Page, click the three dots and select Switch to Classic Pages.
  3. 3.
    Follow the flow, then select Continue.
  4. 4.
    Your page will be switched back to classic view.

Status: Closed

Date: 10/4/2021
Issue: Facebook's and Instagram's API are experiencing issues and some posts are failing. We have reached out to FB to resolve.
Analysis: The issue is a system wide outage for Facebook.
Update: Facebook and Instagram fixed their DNS issues, so API connectivity has returned.

Status: Closed

Date: 9/2/2021
Issue: Posting media to Instagram via the API.
Analysis: Instagram is having processing issues with the API for both images and videos.
Update: Instagram seems to have stabilized the issue. We are continuing to monitor to see if the failure reoccurs.
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