Premium Plus

If you manage your user's social media credentials, try a Premium Plus account to post, schedule, get analytics, or manage comments on their behalf.

Premium Plus for Multiple User Profiles

If you manage the social credentials of your users, brands, or clients - i.e have access to the usernames and password at the social networks - the Premium Plus might be the right plan for you. Often agencies fit this model.

If you have many users and they manage their own social credentials, then the Business Plan might be the right choice.

Premium Plus Overview

The Premium Plus plan gives you most of the capabilities of the Business Plan, such as:

  • Posting, scheduling, getting analytics, and comments on behalf of your users via the API or Dashboard.

  • Management of your users via the API or Dashboard

  • See the complete list.

Premium Plus does not allow:

  • Single Sign On to the Social Accounts Linkage page. Your user profiles will not be able to link their own social networks. You must do it for them via the Dashboard. Please see the Business Plan.

With the Premium Plus plan, you'll create a "user profile" for each of your users, brands, or clients. Every user profile has one set of social accounts associate with it.

For example, you can create a user profile for your client "Hometown Shoes" and connect this user profile to Hometown Shoes' Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google My Business, and Telegram accounts. You can then schedule posts, get analytics, etc for Hometown Shoes via the Dashboard or API, using the Profile Key - see below.

Sign Up for Premium Plus

The plan charges per user profile per month with a minimum of three user profiles at a reduced rate. You can create as many user profiles as you need. If you delete a user profile, you will not be charged for that user profile in your next billing cycle.

Please chat with us about upgrading to the Premium Plus plan.

Using Premium Plus

With the Premium Plus plan, you have access to the User Profiles section of the Dashboard.

Create a New User Profile

In the User Profiles section, add a new user profile by entering a title and clicking "Add User Profile".

You will then see listed your user profile. Clicking on the Delete button will delete the user profile.

Switch User Profiles

Now click "switch to this profile" to switch into the new user profile. You'll see the title of that user profile in the upper right corner. You can then go to Social Accounts to link social networks for that user profile.

If you ever want to switch back to your primary profile, go back to the User Profiles page and click (switch to this profile) next to Primary Profile.

Next, go to the "Social Accounts" page to link the social networks for this user.

Please be sure to first log out the social network in a different browser tab before trying to link. This will ensure the right client credentials are used.

For example, if you want to link Facebook, go to and log out of the current session and then in the Ayrshare Dashboard in Social Accounts click the Facebook Pages button.

Get the Profile Key

Each user profile has its own Profile Key that is associated with its set of connected social platforms. This is used in the header of the REST calls in place of the API_KEY.

A user profile's Profile Key can be found in the Profile Key page in the Dashboard.

See the Authorization section for more information:

pageAPI Overview

You can then use this Profile Key for all of the API calls.

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