Frequently asked questions about Ayrshare. Find details on using the API, signing up, and the Business Plan.

Ayrshare Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ayrshare and the Social Media API?

Take a look at this quick video on how Ayrshare integrates with your platform and can power your social media via an API.

What social networks are supported?

We support Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Google My Business, Telegram, Pinterest, and TikTok. You can also add RSS feeds, like Substack or YouTube, to automate your social media postings.

What is the Basic Plan post limit?

The Basic plan is free and includes 25 posts a month. If you are looking for more, consider the Premium or Business plan with unlimited posts a month, mentions, video posts, and more. See our pricing guide.

Why should I use Ayrshare rather than the other social scheduling tools?

There are dozens of great products out there like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. that help you manually manage and post to your social media accounts via a GUI. However, only Ayrshare is focused on a developer API-first solution. The Ayrshare API gives you the power to programmatically post or schedule content, get analytics, or create comments directly from your platform or website.

What if I have multiple clients or users?

Ayrshare offers a Business Plan to fit your multiple clients needs for companies, agencies, or platforms. Via the API or desktop interface you can create user accounts and post on your users' behalf. We also offer single sign on and white labeling for your brand.
For more information:

What features do you offer?

The key features are:
  • Publish posts immediately or schedule future posts on linked social networks.
  • Post to Your Client's Social Networks with the Business Plan via the API or Dashboard.
  • Delete posts on linked social networks.
  • Bulk post by uploading a CSV file.
  • Automatically Repost on a schedule.
  • Analytics to see how many clicks, likes, retweets, and impressions.
  • Analytics on the social account such as followers and demographics.
  • Auto shorten links in posts or shorten specific links.
  • Add or get comments on a post...even comments that your users didn't make.
  • Add Unsplash images or randomly select an Unsplash image based on a search term.
  • Automatically add hashtags to your posts based on the most relevant key words.
  • TweetStorm to break up a longer post into a Twitter Thread.
  • Get history of posts and their status, including posts that didn't originate with Ayrshare.
  • Post Images or Videos. You can add multiple images, a video, or Reels to a post on the Premium or Business Plan.
  • Add or delete an RSS feed for automated posted (all new feed items).
  • Upload media (photos) to media gallery to be used in posts. We'll even resize your images for Instagram.
  • Auto Schedule posts by creating a pre-determined schedule.
  • And if you want to manually post, we have an awesome web app.

How do you post images and videos to Instagram

Ayrshare has direct posting to Instagram using Instagram's official API. This means your images and videos are in compliance with Instagram.

Do you have SDK packages to make my life easier?

We certainly do. We have Node.js and Python packages available. We also have a plugin and Airtable guide. If you want additional languages, just let us know.

How does Ayrshare secure and protect my account?


We take security very seriously. You have full control over the connection between Ayrshare and your social media accounts.
All the data you upload to Ayrshare is securely stored on the secure-by-design global cloud infrastructure.
  • All stored data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Every object's data and metadata is encrypted under the Advanced Encryption Standard, and each encryption key is itself encrypted with a regularly rotated set of master keys.
  • All social networks keys are stored in a secure secret manager vault.
  • Authentication is handled by Google with top-level security. Even we can't access your passwords.
  • When you delete a social network linkage we delete all information about that network. This means to restore the link you need to re-authorize the network.
  • All payment information is handled by Stripe, who are fully PCI compliant.
We also maintain controls to restrict our employees’ access to the your data.
If you have any questions please contact us.

Data Encryption

The Google Cloud handles all data storage:
  • Google uses several layers of encryption to protect customer data at rest in Google Cloud products.
  • Google Cloud encrypts all customer content stored at rest, without any action required from the customer, using one or more encryption mechanisms.
  • Data for storage is split into chunks, and each chunk is encrypted with a unique data encryption key. These data encryption keys are stored with the data, encrypted with ("wrapped" by) key encryption keys that are exclusively stored and used inside Google's central Key Management Service. Google's Key Management Service is redundant and globally distributed.
  • All data stored in Google Cloud is encrypted at the storage level using AES256, with the exception of a small number of Persistent Disks created before 2015 that use AES128.
  • Google uses a common cryptographic library, Tink, which incorporates our FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated module, BoringCrypto, to implement encryption consistently across almost all Google Cloud products. Consistent use of a common library means that only a small team of cryptographers needs to implement and maintain this tightly controlled and reviewed code.

GDPR Data Protection Agreement

Please see our DPA for details on GDPR compliance.

Post Verification

Ayrshare has a verification system that analyzes your posts for compliance with the social networks' guidelines. If there is an issue we''ll let you know before sending the post. This helps prevent your social account from being locked or shadow banned.
See here more for information:

How do you add new lines to posts?

If you want to line breaks, new lines, in a post, use the invisible line break \u2063\n.For example, This is a new\u2063\nline
Depending on the coding language, you might need to escape the new line as \\u2063\\n

How to remove the Ayrshare branding?

On the Basic Free plan, some of your posts will have Ayrshare branding. Appended to the post will be the text "via Ayrshare". All of the paid plans do not have this branding.
Add the Powered by Ayrshare badge to your company website and your Basic account will be upgraded to remove the branding.
Just add the following code snippet to your website homepage and email us your link.
<a href="">
target="_blank" alt="Social Powered by Ayrshare" height="30px" />
URLs in the post body of the /post endpoint are automatically shortened and can be disabled with shortenLinks=false parameter.

What does unlimited posts mean?

We don't impose limits on posting beyond the social networks' requirements. For example, LinkedIn limits 150 posts per day.
We strongly recommend limiting daily posts to maximize views and engagement. Please see our recommended posting limits.
All posts are subject to Ayrshare's fair use policy to prevent abuse of the social networks' services.

How many social accounts can I connect?

Each user (also known as a user profile) in Ayrshare has one set of social accounts, e.g. one connection to each of our 10 available social networks. For example, a user can have one Facebook Page and Group, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google My Business, Telegram, and Reddit connection for a total of 10 connections. A Premium account is considered one user.
If you need multiple sets of social accounts, please contact us about the Premium Plus plan. Or if you have multiple users, please contact us about the Business Plan.

How do you pronounce Ayrshare?

Ayrshare is pronounced as in "Air Share". Sharing over the social air!

Do I need to enter a credit card to get started? Nope!

We have a generous free tier of 25 posts a month so you can try out the API and see if it is right for you business. If you want more posts or functionality, check out our other plans or our business plan if you have multiple users.

How do update my subscription?

If you have a paid plan, log into the Ayrshare dashboard and click your Profile icon in the upper right corner. Choose Account Info to see your account history, change credit cards, or to cancel your paid plan.
Please note, Business Plans and Premium Plus Plans are charged at the end of your current billing cycle, so you will see a final charge after cancelling.
If you want to delete your account, please email us from the email you registered.

Where are my invoices?

If you have a paid account, please go to the dashboard, switch to you Primary profile if you have a business plan, click your profile icon in the upper right corner, and select "Account Info".