Some frequently asked questions.

What social networks are supported?

We support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, and Telegram. You can also add RSS feeds, like Substack or Instagram, to automated your social media postings.

What is the post limit?

300 posts a month are free. If you need more, please contact us.

Why should I use Ayrshare rather than the other guys?

There are dozens of great products out there like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc which help you manage your social media accounts with a GUI across multiple networks. But only Ayrshare is focused on a developer-first solution with an API. The Ayrshare API gives you the power to programmatically post content from the server-side that no GUI can.

Do I need to enter a credit card? Nope!

We have a generous free tier of 300 posts a month. If you need more than that contact us.

How do I cancel?

Simply email us at support@ayrshare.com and we will cancel your account immediately.

Is Ayrshare secure?

We take security very seriously. You have full control over the connection between Ayrshare and your social media accounts. Once the accounts are connected, then the Ayrshare API key becomes the way you authenticate. Please keep this key secret and secure. All the data you upload to Ayrshare is securely stored on the secure-by-design global infrastructure of the Google cloud.

What features do you offer?

The key features are:

  • Securely access the API with your secret API Key (obtained at ayrshare.com).

  • Publish posts immediately or scheduled future posts on linked social networks.

  • Delete posts on linked social networks.

  • Auto shorten links in posts or shorten specific links.

  • Analytics to see how many clicks you got and from where.

  • Add Unsplash images or randomly select an Unsplash image based on a search term.

  • Automatically add hashtags to your posts based on the most relevant key words.

  • Get history of posts and their status.

  • Add or delete an RSS feed for automated posted (all new feed items).

  • Upload media (photos) to media gallery to be used in posts.

  • And if you want to manually post, we got an awesome desktop/mobile app.