If you run into trouble with Ayrshare.

Sometimes things don't go right, and that is where a troubleshooting guide comes in. If you don't see your issue here or you can't solve it, please either chat with us or email us.

Errors linking Facebook in Social Accounts

If you're having issues linking your Facebook account, a potential issue is Facebook is asking you to verify your account login.

Open a new tab/window in your browser and go to Log out of Facebook and login once more. If you're asked to verify your account or a CAPTCHA question, please complete it.

Head back to the Ayrshare dashboard Social Accounts page, refresh your page, and try linking Facebook once more.

Note: Please be sure that a Facebook Page is linked with your Facebook account. This is require to link to Facebook and you will be asked to select the Page to link and post.

Post with @mentions didn't go through

The social networks are very particular on the frequency of @mentions and who is mentioned. The Free Plan does not allow mentions and will not send your posts. Paid plans allow mentions, but the same mention can not be used twice within a 7 day period.

Errors making requests with the API

A few things to check to verify you have all the required information to successfully post, or call any API endpoint.

  1. Verify you are sending the API_KEY, found in the Ayrshare GUI dashboard under API Dashboard, in the header as an Authorization Bearer token. Also the proper Content Type must be set.

  2. For POST calls, validate properly formatted JSON is being sent in the body. Online tools can assist:

  3. If sending media via an external URL, make sure the proper MIME type is set for the image or video.

  4. Review the required endpoint's required parameters to be sure they are included and have the proper format.