User Integration
How to integrate with Ayrshare allowing your users, clients, or brands to link their social media accounts.

Integrate Your Platform with Ayrshare

Ayrshare takes a minimal approach with your users because they are your users.
The only touch point with Ayrshare your user has is the social networks linkage. All other user-facing access, such as posting, schedule, deleting, or analytics, is disabled, which allows you to provide the full user experience within your environment. However, you always have the option to give your users the full Ayrshare desktop interface.

User Experience

The first step is for your users to authorize the social network linking, such as to Instagram or Twitter, which will allow you to post on their behalf via Ayrshare's API.
Within your app, create a link or button that the user will click to start the linkage process. When the link is clicked a new browser tab will open with the available social networks. Your user will choose the networks they want to link and close the tab once complete.
Social Account Link Page
In the upper left corner will be your branded logo. If you have additional text or translated text that you would like added to this page, please let us know.
From the user's perspective they are done and have successfully linked their social media accounts. Within a few minutes and with a few clicks they will have their social media accounts linked and you'll be able to post on their behalf.
Behind the scenes, you'll create new profiles via the API or Dashboard, receive a Profile Key used to post on behalf of the users, and open the above Social Account linkage page by passing a JWT token to perform single sign on.
Please see the next pages on how to do this.