Telegram Linking

Posting Images and Videos to Telegram via the Ayrshare API.

Telegram utilizes bots to allow posting to your group or channel. You will need to give admin access to the Ayrshare Telegram Bot to enable publishing and deleting.

You must have administrative access to the channel or group to add a bot. Telegram channel posts show the channel name and logo as the author. Telegram group posts show the Ayrshare name and logo as the author.

Connect Telegram

1. In Telegram go to the channel or group where you want to publish. Tap the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner and go to Info.

2. Add Ayrshare as an Admin:

  • If a Channel, select Administrators and Add Admin.

  • If a Group, add Ayrshare as a member by clicking "+ Add", and search for Ayrshare to add as a member. Next, select Edit in the upper right corner, click Administrators, and Add Admin.

3. Search for Ayrshare and select the Ayrshare bot.

4. You will be asked to select permissions for the bot. Select all the permissions except the last two so the bot can post and delete on your behalf.

5. Tap Done when complete.

6. In your Ayrshare Dashboard under Social Accounts you will be given a Telegram access code when you click on the Telegram icon.

7. Copy the code including the "Code:" part.

8. In your Telegram group or channel at the chat prompt, paste this code and press enter/tap the send button. If successful, you will get a success message back in the channel or group.

It could take up to 5 minutes for Telegram to send you the success message after you enter the code message, so please be patient.

The Telegram integration is complete. You can now publish via the API or Web App.

If you need help or have questions, please chat with us or contact us.

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