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Ayrshare Changelog

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January 2023 🦎

  • Longer Instagram Videos. Instagram Video posts now support up to 15 minute lengths and 1 GB. This is an increase from the prior 60 seconds and 100 MB.
  • Translate Post Text. Choose over 100 different languages to translate your post text. For example, translate English to French or Spanish to German. The source language is automatically detected.
  • Error Translation. Error messages can be automatically translated to the language of your choice. This is useful if you want to display the error directly to your user in their preferred language.
  • Pinterest Analytics. Additional Pinterest data points are available for get all history including post title, notes, and board id.
  • Check Post Length. The Check Post Length endpoint now includes validations for Facebook, Google Business Profile, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • New User Batch Endpoints. When you need a large data set, the batch endpoints are a great option. You can use the batch endpoints to get json files for all your user profiles and then use the webhook to let you know when the file is ready.
  • Linkedin Historical Posts. Get historical data for a Linkedin post published outside of Ayrshare.
  • Linkedin Posts Reactions. The Get All Post endpoint for LinkedIn now returns reactions for the post, such as Likes, Praise, Maybe, and Appreciation.
  • Last API Call Time. Access the time that you last used the API key in the web dashboard in the API Key section.
  • Ayrshare Dashboard History. The web dashboard now allows you to load all your historical posts or webhook logs with a new “Load more” button.
  • Webhook Errors. View the error rate of your webhooks to see the percentage of success vs error responses.

December 2023 🐍

  • Instagram Followers By Time. Get detailed hourly breakdowns for when your Instagram followers are online. This allows you to optimize posting for maximum engagement, by determining the most popular times.
  • Public Analytics Data. The Brand endpoint is now available with the Business Plan. Retrieve analytics data on all public social accounts. For example, get social stats on @theRock or @taylorswift. This also allows the lookup of Facebook Page IDs for tagging locations in Facebook and Instagram posts.
  • Reply to Comments. Reply to comments (i.e. comment on comments) for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Facebook History. Facebook Groups history is now available for posts made outside of Ayrshare.
  • Media Metadata. Get the metadata of a media file URL. For example, for a video you can get the codec, duration, file size, resolution, and more.
  • X/Twitter Analytics. X/Twitter post analytics and get all history now returns links to the video or animated GIF files.

November 2023 🐢

  • Facebook Stories. Publish photos or videos as Facebook Stories. Stories are a more immersive posting format that disappear after 24 hours.
  • YouTube Comments. Get YouTube comments by the YouTube social ID.
  • Instagram Analytics. Instagram Reels Analytics have been enhanced to include the average amount of time spent playing the reel and the total amount of time the reel was played.
  • Linkedin History. The history endpoint for LinkedIn now returns all the media images of a post.
  • Reddit Flair. Retrieve the flair of a Subreddit to add the flair to a Reddit post. Some subreddits require specific flair categories to post.
  • Social Linking. Customize the modals on the social linking page for Facebook Groups, Instagram, and Telegram. Add your own HTML including images.
  • Pinterest Image Carousel. Now you can post up to five photos in a carousel with links, titles, and descriptions. Users on Pinterest can swipe through the carousel directly from the feed.
  • Facebook Analytics. New Facebook analytics data points on social accounts available. New data includes video data and more detailed impressions.
  • Integration Package. You can now download or reset your integration package via the dashboard. The integration package includes important set up and domain information, example endpoint calls, and more.
  • Comment Deletion. Delete Instagram and YouTube comments. Other social networks where you can delete comments are Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and X/Twitter.
  • YouTube Categories. Look up and assign YouTube video categories. The categories are an important input for discovery of your videos in the YouTube algorithm.
  • Reddit Comments. Now you can add, get, and delete comments on Reddit.
  • Staging Server. Create a staging server environment in the dashboard. Go to the User Profiles page and click on Settings to add this to your account. This is a Max Pack feature.

October 2023 🕷️

  • New Dashboard. We released the new Ayrshare dashboard, which you can access at It’s now easier than ever to navigate with the new design, based on Chakra UI, with many enhancements over the previous developer dashboard.
    • Improved self service account management, such a subscribing to Max Pack.
    • Enhanced User Profile settings, such as upload your logo and set custom CSS (Max Pack required).
    • All new webhook logs with advanced search.
    • More detailed API call tracking.
  • Publish Documents to LinkedIn. Use the API to post a document on LinkedIn. Supported file formats include: PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX, and PDF.
  • Webhooks Per User Profile. Webhooks can now be registered per User Profile. Set up a different webhook for each User Profile.

September 2023 🐞

August 2023 🦋

  • TikTok Post Text. TikTok post text now supports up to 2,200 characters. This is an increase from the prior limit of 150 characters. Get increased engagement on your videos since the TikTok algorithm uses this text to make recommendations.
  • X/Twitter Captions. Add subtitles, also known as captions, to X/Twitter video files. Uploading your own captions ensures that your videos are transcribed correctly.
  • Post to All Social. There is a new “platforms”: [“all”] parameter for the /post endpoint. This allows you to automatically post to all linked social accounts.
  • Alt Text Generation. Use the /generate endpoint to automatically generate alt text for an image. This alt text description is usually not visible to average users but is accessible to search engines and assistive technologies like screen readers, used by visually impaired individuals.

July 2023 🐛

  • Announcing the Max Pack. The Max Pack is a new add-on that provides additional endpoints and other useful utilities for building your app or platform. Includes all these great features for a single monthly fee.
    • AI-Generated post creation, rewrite, and transcription.
    • JWT longer expiration time with an account connection email link.
    • New link shortener with analytics.
    • Resize images for each social network with added effects options.
    • Create images based on a template.
    • Staging server.
    • Advanced customizations for Business Plan linking page.
  • Linkedin User Profile. The /user endpoint now returns the LinkedIn logged in username and the profileUrl with the company vanity URL. For example the username “ayrshare” and the profileUrl “”.
  • Linkedin Comments. You can now delete comments on LinkedIn.
  • YouTube Comments. The /comments endpoint now returns all the replies to YouTube comments.

June 2023 🐝

May 2023 🫎

  • Instagram Stories. Instagram just made available the publishing of Instagram Stories - something we have all been waiting a long time for. You can now post Instagram Stories via the Ayrshare API with an image and video. Stories disappear after 24 hours.
  • YouTube Analytics. YouTube Live Broadcasts data was added the analytics. When you have a live broadcast either current on-going or completed, you can retrieve data such as the start and end times, number of current viewers, and current status.
  • Video Transcription. The new /generate/transcription endpoint can provide a transcription of a video file. This transcription can then be used in the /generate/post to quickly create a social media summary of the video.
  • Twitter Polls. You can now create a Twitter poll by specifying the answer choices and the duration. Also, analytics have been updated to return poll data such as the results.
  • Quote Tweet. You can now quote another Tweet when you post a new Tweet by including the Tweet id.

April 2023 🦄

March 2023 🐴

  • AI Content Generation. There are two new Generate endpoints. One allows you to create text based on the text you send, and the other will rewrite your post and give you several options to use. Powered by OpenAI ChatGPT with GPT-4.
  • Instagram Creator Accounts. Ayrshare has added support for Instagram Creator Accounts. You can get analytics for these accounts, but you can not post via the API.
  • Comment Management.
  • Instagram Stories. The All Post History endpoint now returns Instagram Stories.
  • Retries. There is a new Retry endpoint which allows you to retry publishing a failed post once.
  • Telegram. The Telegram username is now available in the User endpoint.

February 2023 🐗

January 2023 🐺

  • YouTube Playlists Analytics. Get analytics on your playlists including average view duration, minutes watched, views, playlist starts, and more.
  • Ayrlink. The Ayrlink link in bio now automatically adds a default image and your connected social accounts when you create a new page for a user.
  • TikTok Webhook. When the user publishes the video in the TikTok mobile app, a "scheduled" webhook will be sent with the subAction: "tikTokPublished".
  • Notion Integration. The new Notion integration allows you to post to your social accounts directly from a Notion table.
  • Retweet Analytics. Now you can get analytics on retweets that you sent.
  • Ayrshare System Status. In addition to following @ayrshare on Twitter, you can get status updates via email.


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