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Ayrshare Changelog

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August 2023 🦋

  • TikTok Post Text. TikTok post text now supports up to 2,200 characters. This is an increase from the prior limit of 150 characters. Get increased engagement on your videos since the TikTok algorithm uses this text to make recommendations.
  • X/Twitter Captions. Add subtitles, also known as captions, to X/Twitter video files. Uploading your own captions ensures that your videos are transcribed correctly.
  • Post to All Social. There is a new “platforms”: [“all”] parameter for the /post endpoint. This allows you to automatically post to all linked social accounts.
  • Alt Text Generation. Use the /generate endpoint to automatically generate alt text for an image. This alt text description is usually not visible to average users but is accessible to search engines and assistive technologies like screen readers, used by visually impaired individuals.

July 2023 🐛

  • Announcing the Max Pack. The Max Pack is a new add-on that provides additional endpoints and other useful utilities for building your app or platform. Includes all these great features for a single monthly fee.
    • AI-Generated post creation, rewrite, and transcription.
    • JWT longer expiration time with an account connection email link.
    • New link shortener with analytics.
    • Resize images for each social network with added effects options.
    • Create images based on a template.
    • Staging server.
    • Advanced customizations for Business Plan linking page.
  • Linkedin User Profile. The /user endpoint now returns the LinkedIn logged in username and the profileUrl with the company vanity URL. For example the username “ayrshare” and the profileUrl “”.
  • Linkedin Comments. You can now delete comments on LinkedIn.
  • YouTube Comments. The /comments endpoint now returns all the replies to YouTube comments.

June 2023 🐝

May 2023 🫎

  • Instagram Stories. Instagram just made available the publishing of Instagram Stories - something we have all been waiting a long time for. You can now post Instagram Stories via the Ayrshare API with an image and video. Stories disappear after 24 hours.
  • YouTube Analytics. YouTube Live Broadcasts data was added the analytics. When you have a live broadcast either current on-going or completed, you can retrieve data such as the start and end times, number of current viewers, and current status.
  • Video Transcription. The new /generate/transcription endpoint can provide a transcription of a video file. This transcription can then be used in the /generate/post to quickly create a social media summary of the video.
  • Twitter Polls. You can now create a Twitter poll by specifying the answer choices and the duration. Also, analytics have been updated to return poll data such as the results.
  • Quote Tweet. You can now quote another Tweet when you post a new Tweet by including the Tweet id.

April 2023 🦄

March 2023 🐴

  • AI Content Generation. There are two new Generate endpoints. One allows you to create text based on the text you send, and the other will rewrite your post and give you several options to use. Powered by OpenAI ChatGPT with GPT-4.
  • Instagram Creator Accounts. Ayrshare has added support for Instagram Creator Accounts. You can get analytics for these accounts, but you can not post via the API.
  • Comment Management.
  • Instagram Stories. The All Post History endpoint now returns Instagram Stories.
  • Retries. There is a new Retry endpoint which allows you to retry publishing a failed post once.
  • Telegram. The Telegram username is now available in the User endpoint.

February 2023 🐗

January 2023 🐺

  • YouTube Playlists Analytics. Get analytics on your playlists including average view duration, minutes watched, views, playlist starts, and more.
  • Ayrlink. The Ayrlink link in bio now automatically adds a default image and your connected social accounts when you create a new page for a user.
  • TikTok Webhook. When the user publishes the video in the TikTok mobile app, a "scheduled" webhook will be sent with the subAction: "tikTokPublished".
  • Notion Integration. The new Notion integration allows you to post to your social accounts directly from a Notion table.
  • Retweet Analytics. Now you can get analytics on retweets that you sent.
  • Ayrshare System Status. In addition to following @ayrshare on Twitter, you can get status updates via email.

December 2022 🦇

  • Post Analytics. Post Analytics now automatically returns analytics on all the social networks where the post was sent. Previously you needed to specify the list of social networks in the platforms parameter.
  • LinkedIn Analytics. New analytics data points added to LinkedIn Social Analytics endpoint: uniqueImpressionsCount, clickCount, engagement, likeCount, commentCount, shareCount, commentMentionsCount, impressionCount, shareMentionsCount.
  • Facebook Video. Facebook video uploads are much faster 🏃. You should see a decrease in the API call time.
  • Single Sign On Take Base64. The generateJWT endpoint now accepts the private.key as a Base64 string. This makes it easier to manage the keys including the complexity of newline characters.
  • LinkedIn Get All Posts History. The /history get all posts endpoint now retrieves LinkedIn posts and analytics, even for posts that didn't originate from Ayrshare.

November 2022 🦉

  • Ayrlink. Create a customized Ayrlink personal bio page using the leading social media API. Share products, websites, content, and more on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.
  • Google Business Profile Analytics. Get analytics data like views and action counts for Google Business Profile. Formerly known as Google My Business.
  • Reddit Analytics. Get analytics data including Karma, profile image, and page URL.
  • Facebook Analytics. The count for the number of times your Facebook post was shared is now available on the analytics endpoint. The Facebook reactions count has been extended to include the past two years of data.
  • Bitly. Business and Enterprise plans now support Bitly for link shortening.
  • Account Linking. Change the subHeader on the Social Account linkage page for a user profile.
  • NPM Package. The Ayrshare social-post-api NPM package was updated with new functions and examples.
  • User Data. The /user endpoint now returns the profile urls and usernames.

October 2022 🦅

  • Pinterest. Add alternative text, also known as alt text, to a Pinterest image or video. Pinterest alt text is an accessibility feature used for additional user info and screen readers.
  • Google Business Profile. Formerly known as Google My Business. You can specify a product category for an image or video so the media is categorized in the "Photos" section of the GMB console. For example, if an image has the category "product", it will appear under the "Product" tab in Photos.
  • YouTube Posting. The YouTube endpoint now supports notifying your subscribers and setting a publish at time.
  • Dashboard Improvements. The Ayrshare web dashboard was updated with an updated design with some new icons and colors. You can also reset your API or Profile Key in the Dashboard.
  • Image Generation API Beta. The Ayrshare social image generation API lets you specify visual elements to create infinite variations of graphics that you can use with the social media platforms. Powerful and easy to use.
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September 2022 🦆

  • Facebook Reels. You can now post videos as Facebook Reels. Reels are short video that are 3-60 seconds long with a 9x16 aspect ratio.
  • Short Link Preview Metadata. Set the title, description, and image of the link preview.
  • Twitter History. The platform history endpoint has been enhanced for Twitter. The response now includes links to the published videos and photos.
  • Twitter Comments. Comments on a Tweet now returns the comments for all the posts in the thread.
  • TikTok Analytics. Post analytics for TikTok now includes the video thumbnail and music link.
  • Pinterest History. Get all the historical Pinterest posts, even those not posted via Ayrshare.
  • Brand Monitoring. The brand endpoint has been enhanced to include YouTube users and channels.
  • Deleted Posts. Now you can retrieve deleted posts via the history endpoint.
  • Instagram Reels. Get analytics data on Instagram Reels including comment count, like count, play count, and more.
  • Alternative Emails for Ayrshare Alerts. Choose different email addresses to deliver alerts, such as unlinked accounts.
What's New Social API Podcast in September 2022

August 2022 🐥

  • Facebook Page Analytics. The post analytics endpoint was enhanced with Facebook Page like and comment counts and the original post URL.
  • Facebook Animated GIFs. Posting to Facebook now supports animated GIFs.
  • YouTube Video Visibility. Update a YouTube video visibility as unlisted, public, or private.
  • YouTube Analytics. The YouTube channel analytics has been enhanced with additional metrics including estimated minutes watched and thumbnail URL.
  • YouTube History. The platform history endpoint was enhanced to return YouTube posts.
  • YouTube Post History. Get the history data of any YouTube post, even those not sent via Ayrshare, by the platform social ID:
  • YouTube Comments: Now you can post top-level YouTube comments.
  • LinkedIn Comments. Get the comments for Linkedin posts sent via Ayrshare.

July 2022 🐧

  • Webhook Tools in the Dashboard: In the Ayrshare dashboard, you can see all your registered webhooks, all the actions sent, and even replay the webhook. Learn more about webhooks.
  • Twitter Analytics Enhanced: The Twitter analytics data set now includes verified account, number of likes, number of lists added, and banner url.
  • Pinterest Videos: You can now post videos to Pinterest via video pins.
  • Enhanced Facebook Social Analytics: Get additional analytics and demographics data on Facebook Pages.
  • Video captions for LinkedIn: You can add captions to videos uploaded to Linkedin.

June 2022 🐔

  • Instagram Reels: Post an Instagram Reel via the API. Reels are like TikTok videos where you can share a 60-second video and do some cool creative additions, such as stitch together and edit video clips, add music, apply filters, write captions, insert interactive backgrounds, and add stickers.
  • More Data On Posts: The Analytics, Comments, and History endpoints have been enhanced to return data on posts that were not sent via Ayrshare. These new enhancements are for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Approval Workflows: You may need an approval workflow to separate the content creator and the content approver. This is common practice to avoid mistakes, maintain consistency, and adhere to regulatory or compliance requirements in some industries. The Ayrshare API now natively supports an approval state for each post.
  • Twitter Threads Images: Twitter Threads now accepts multiple images per Tweet in the Thread. You can also specify that specific Tweets in the Thread will not have an image.
  • Instagram Location Tag: Add an Instagram locations tag with the Facebook Page Name. You can also still use a Facebook Page ID in place of the Page Name.
  • Reactivate User Profiles: Business and Enterprise Plan admins can reactivate suspended user profiles in the dashboard.

May 2022 🐵

  • Facebook @mentions: Now you can @mention another page with the page name directly. Previously the endpoint needed the page ID, and now you can use the page name, such as @Ayrshare.
  • Improved Brand Data: The /brand endpoint now supports Facebook. Send a Facebook page name to look up a user’s or company's social media public information, such as followers, profiles image, and websites. These users and companies do not need to be a linked Ayrshare user.
  • Help Docs: Use your own help docs as the link on the Social Accounts page on the Business Plan. Your users can now link to your own support pages.
  • Twitter Comments and Replies: Now get and add Twitter comments and replies on a post.
  • YouTube Comments: Get comments on a YouTube video.
  • RSS Feeds: The /feed endpoint was updated with new abilities to update the feed and get all feeds.
  • Delete User Profile Enhanced: Now you can delete a user profile even if you only have the title.
  • New /post Endpoints: The /post endpoints were enhanced to allow GET to retrieve an individual post and the ability to update the schedule date of a post.
  • Alt Text: Add alt text to Twitter images and Facebook images and videos. Alt text is an accessibility feature used for additional user info and screen readers.
  • Twitter Thread Analytics: Analytics now supports Twitter Threads. If your Twitter post ID was sent as a thread, you will see an array of analytics data for all of the posts in the thread.

April 2022 🐸

  • Web Dashboard Improved: The Ayrshare web dashboard has been upgraded and now is faster, more responsive, and with several UI improvements. And you can now post Twitter Threads, a.k.a TweetStorms, via the dashboard.
  • New Analytics Data: New analytics data points available. Access demographics data for Instagram and Facebook accounts. Access country, city, age distribution, and language reach. In addition, Instagram analytics now provides the total like and comment count.
  • Instagram Comments: Instagram comments now return the commenter’s username and number of likes.
  • GZIP Support: API responses now support optional gzip compression.
  • Tweet History: Get all Tweets in the history endpoint, even those not sent via Ayrshare.
  • Test Unique Content: As part of your testing, always use unique content when sending to a social network. Now the randomPost parameter of the /post endpoint will generate a random quote.

March 2022 🐷

  • Get LinkedIn Company Page Analytics such as followers, views, and clicks. Learn more.
  • Get TikTok Post Analytics such as views, likes, and comments on your TikTok videos. Learn more.
  • Post Instagram carousels with images. You can now post up to 10 images in an Instagram carousel. Learn more.
  • Use your own link shortener, such as This allows you to use a custom domain in place of the Ayrshare short URL when shortening the link. Learn more.
  • Send videos titles when posting videos to Facebook Pages and Groups. Learn more.
  • The history endpoint for Instagram and TikTok was enhanced. Now the /history endpoint returns the video thumbnail image for Instagram and the username for TikTok. Learn more.
  • A new endpoint to unlink a user profile’s social accounts. Learn more.
  • There is an upcoming API change to the /history endpoint. By default it will return the most recent 20 records. You can specify the “count” parameter to retrieve up to 500 records.

February 2022 🐮

  • Enhancements to the Google My Business capabilities now allow for “What’s New” posts that can include Call to Actions, such as Learn More buttons, images, and text. Learn More.
  • Automatically create a Twitter Thread aka Tweetstorm. Send your text of any length and Ayrshare will break it up into appropriately sized Tweets with numbering. Learn More.
  • Get your whole development team using Ayrshare with their own logins. You can now add team members in the Ayrshare dashboard. Just go to User Profile and when creating a new profile check the create as team member box.
  • If Twitter has approved your account for longer videos, you can now post videos up to 10 minutes in length. Learn more.

January 2022 🦁

  • TikTok profile analytics summaries are available.See average video duration plus like, views, and share totals across all TikTok shares. Learn more.
  • Get all TikTok post history and analytics. Even posts and shares created outside of Ayrshare. Learn more.
  • Pinterest post analytics now available. See impressions, saves, pin clicks, and other useful data points. Learn more.
  • Post YouTube Shorts via the API. Shorts are videos up to 60 seconds long and have new discovery placement within the YouTube apps. Learn more.
  • Post an image and add flair to Reddit. Learn more.
  • There is a new release of the Ayrshare mobile app for both iOS and Android. With the new apps, you can see the full json responses for errors and tap successful posts to open the live posts.