YouTube Linking

Link a YouTube Channel with Ayrshare

The following guide reviews how to connect your YouTube channel:

  1. Click the YouTube icon on the Ayrshare Social Account linking page.

  2. The page will be redirected to either a Google login page or a list of currently logged in Google accounts.

  1. Select a Google account that is associated with the YouTube channel you want to connect.

  2. A list of YouTube channels associated with your Google account will be presented.

  1. Select the YouTube channel you want to connect.

  2. You may then see one or two screens requesting permissions. Click Continue on each screen.

  3. Once complete you will be returned to the Ayrshare social linking page and YouTube will be linked.

Troubleshooting YouTube

YouTube posting requires your YouTube account to have at least one Channel and be an owner on the Channel. To create a YouTube Channel, click on you profile in the YouTube Dashboard and choose "Create a Channel". You may also use this direct link to create a YouTube Channel:

If you're having issues viewing YouTube channels please see the troubleshooting guide.

Additional YouTube Information

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