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Facebook Groups

Options for posting via the API to a Facebook Group

Facebook Groups API Endpoints


Facebook Groups requires the Facebook Ayrshare App to be enabled for the Group. Please see here for instructions:
Other capabilities of Facebook Groups is the same as Facebook Pages.
JSON for a basic post with a link and image to a Facebook Group:
"post": "The best group ever #best https://www.facebook.com",
"mediaUrls": ["https://img.ayrshare.com/012/gb.jpg"],
"platforms": ["fbg"]
  • Facebook will automatically preview the link in the post unless there is an image or video included. In the above example the image will show. Removing the image will cause the link preview to show.
  • Facebook Groups also supports sending media without post text. If you do not want post text included send an empty String post: ""


Facebook does not currently allow mentions of Pages, Personal Profiles, or other Groups in a Groups post.

Additional Facebook Group Functionality

Facebook Groups supports the same set of rich capabilities as Facebook Pages. Please see the Facebook Page options for details of the functionality.

Publishing Questions

Facebook Groups sometimes has an issue publishing posts with questions in the text. For example: "Are you having a great day?"
If Facebook detects a question an error might occur when trying to post. However, the post still is published.
Try to edit your post so it does not contain a question mark (?) or appear like a question.
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